Volkswagen ID.4 - The Future Of Volkswagen India
Volkswagen ID.4 - The Future Of Volkswagen India

Volkswagen ID.4 – The Future Of Volkswagen India


The First Volkswagen EV

Volkswagen has taken a completely new direction for its Indian market. Gone are the days of the Polo, Vento and Ameo, the Volkswagen lineup has changed drastically. The MQB A0 IN platform, which is shared by Virtus and Taigun, is their primary focus in India. The platform aligns with their India 2.0 plan, where they seem to focus more towards SUVs and EVs.

The ID.4 is the first electric car to be launched by Volkswagen. It has been sold in decent numbers in global markets. It received minor powertrain enhancements for the 2024 version in these markets. So how will this car fare in Indian conditions?

Performance And Aesthetics

We get a basic idea of the ID.4 thanks to the UK and US production units. Aesthetically, it lacks the wow-factor that EV’s like the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 possess. It is meant to be an elegant people carrier, not a tall and rugged SUV. It has a sleek design language but lacks distinct design features that would make it stand out. However, its contemporary interior matched with a sleek exterior make it kind of suitable for the Indian customers.

In the US market, the ID.4 is available with 2 powertrain options. The lower variants come with a single motor placed at the rear axle along with a 58 kWh battery that pumps more than 200 horsepower. This variant would be a tamer version of the top-of-the-line AWD version. This version has dual motors along with a 77 kWh battery to produce 330 horsepower. The range varies from 420 km to 470 km, depending on the powertrain you opt for.

These figures look great, however, if VW India decides to sell the older versions of the ID.4, it would be a major letdown. Volkswagen has done this before with the Polo and refused to give the Indian market the global and updated versions of the Polo. The 2023 model seems to be outshined by its competition in the US.

The Price Tag

The ID.4 will be imported from the UK market. Volkswagen decided to go down the CBU route instead of going for high-volume production of the ID.4. This would mean that the ID.4 wouldn’t be cheap and would be sold in short numbers. You can expect the ID.4 to cost upwards of 60 lakh rupees thanks to the 70% import tax.

In this price bracket, it would face fierce competition from the likes of Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 and the Volvo XC40 recharge. To compare these models on paper, details of the Indian variant need to be finalized. Crucial factors like charging times are yet to be disclosed by Volkswagen India.

Arrival Date

The ID.4 was displayed to the Indian public earlier this year. It is set to launch in the final quarter of 2024, given Volkswagen India faces no major setback. Rumors suggest that the single motor variant mated with the 77 kWh battery will be sold in the Indian market.

Ashish Gupta, brand director of VW India, gave an insight of ID.4’s future. Primarily, the car will be sold in 10 major cities which are responsible for the majority of EV sales. VW India don’t seem to have other plans for this financial year and are focused on the ID.4. They also promise to improve the charging infrastructure for their cars.

The prospect of the ID.4 seems promising. You can clearly see Volkswagen India’s vision and if they price it aggressively, it might sell out quicker than anticipated

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