Skoda Octavia RS iV- STD December 2024
Skoda Octavia RS iV- STD December 2024

Skoda Octavia RS iV- STD December 2024


The next-generation Skoda Octavia is expected to launch in India in December 2024

India’s Sports Sedan ?

Skoda Octavia is considered an ordinary car anywhere in Europe. However, Indians value it much more. Launched in the early 2000s, it was the standard for executive sedans. It matched luxury with astounding performance. Despite it being a fuel guzzler, public adored the Octavia. The 1.8L turbo petrol was a peach of an engine whilst the 1.9TDI engine provided better economy figures. Skoda later decided to release the RS version, which was treasured by car enthusiasts.

Skoda ditched the “Octavia” name for “Laura” after 2008. However, this decision didn’t sit well with Octavia enthusiasts and Skoda decided to bring the Octavia brand back. Each generation of the Octavia has been a joy to drive, thanks to its powerful turbo-charged engine and a balanced chassis. To the delight of the Indian market, Skoda also decided to launch the Octavia VRS 230 and VRS245. These sporty sedans were sold out quickly and are very desirable for their tuning properties. A proper remap would easily boost their performance figures above 350 horsepower.

Despite its popularity, Octavia sales had declined drastically by 2023. Sales for SUVs meant that the premium sedan segment was on a decline. Eventually, Skoda pulled the plug on the Octavia in 2023. The Octavia has been a car enthusiast’s dream ever since its launch, and hopefully the future generations will fill these shoes well.

The Global Variant

In European markets, Octavia received a minor facelift for the 2024 variant. The design language remains sharp and crisp like the previous versions. There are 3 engine options available – 1.5 TSI, 2.0L TDI and 2.0L TSI. You even get an option for a mild-hybrid system. All powertrains are capable enough to touch the 100 kmph figure in under 10 seconds while providing a decent fuel economy.

Given it’s a Skoda, you expect the Indian version to be built like a tank and have plush interiors. As far as safety is concerned, it received a 5-star NCAP rating.

The newer variant seems to be more of an evolution, rather than a revolution. It has all the ingredients to catch the eye of the sedan-loving market.

The RS iV

When the VRS230 was launched, the market went into a frenzy. Despite it costing almost 30 lakh rupees when launched, it was sold out in a very short time. The next generation of the RS variant is eagerly anticipated by the Indian public. The Global variants get an option of diesel and petrol engines. The diesel produces just under 200 horsepower, while the petrol produces more than 240 horsepower. A plug-in hybrid variant is also available for better economy figures. A 6-speed manual and a 7-speed DSG gearbox are mated to these engines. For a sportier drive, you can opt for the quick-shifting DSG. Whilst, for a pure driving feel, you can choose the conventional manual.

These numbers aren’t mind-boggling, but the Octavia RS is a happy combination of a practical and a sporty sedan under the cost of 50 lakh rupees.

What About The Indian Market?

The next car to roll off the Skoda production line will be the Superb. You would have to wait at least a year to get your hands on a new Skoda Octavia. The pricing would start from 30 lakh rupees and the VRS version may touch the 50 lakh mark. If you have your eyes set on the VRS version, better be attentive to its launch. The VRS won’t be mass-produced and thus the chances of it selling out are high. Given the success of the VRS230 and VRS245, it is highly probable that we may see another VRS soon.

As the years have passed, the Octavia has gotten more luxury-oriented rather than sporty. For those who wish for a performance-packed Octavia, you can opt for the VRS variant. The Indian market is unlikely to get the estate variant, but the hatchback provides sufficient practicality for our public.

Skoda has a lot of pressure to get this right, given the popularity of the Octavia. After evaluating the European variant, they seem to have gotten the recipe right and the Indian version can’t come soon enough.

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