Renault Duster Return Confirmed
Renault Duster Return Confirmed

Renault Duster Return Confirmed


French automaker Renault has confirmed the return of its popular Duster SUV to the Indian market. The third-generation Duster, unveiled globally under Renault’s sister brand Dacia, is expected to arrive in India sometime in late 2025. This news comes after a hiatus of several years for the Duster in the Indian market.

Fresh Design And Potential Powertrains

The new Duster will sport a modern and rugged exterior design, featuring a muscular bonnet, LED lighting elements, and revised front and rear profiles. The interior is also expected to receive an upgrade, featuring a more contemporary layout.

Specific details regarding the Indian-spec Duster’s powertrain options remain unconfirmed. However, reports suggest the possibility of a hybrid petrol engine being offered, catering to the growing demand for fuel efficiency in the Indian market.

Drivetrains from the latest source

A Competitive Mid-Sized SUV Segment Awaits

The Duster’s return to India places it in a highly competitive mid-sized SUV segment. It will face well established rivals like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, and Maruti Grand Vitara. Industry experts anticipate a launch price around the 20 lakh rupee mark, positioning the Duster strategically within the segment.

Renault’s Renewed Focus On The Indian Market

The Duster’s return signifies Renault’s renewed focus on the Indian car market. The company aims to capitalize on the Duster’s existing brand recognition and its perceived ruggedness to carve out a niche in the segment.

Official Confirmation And Speculative Timeline

Renault has officially confirmed the Duster’s arrival in India, but a definitive launch date remains undisclosed. Based on industry reports, a late 2025 launch timeframe seems most likely.

As details regarding features, specifications, and launch dates become official, expect further updates.

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