Maruti Silently Recalls New Swift For Engine Stalling
Maruti Silently Recalls New Swift For Engine Stalling

Maruti Silently Recalls New Swift For Engine Stalling


A bit of uneasiness has surfaced among some owners of the new Swift regarding instances of engine stalling, prompting a response from MSIL. Investigations have identified the Gateway Control Module (GCM) as the source of the issue, leading the company to announce a silent recall.

Issue Identification

Reports indicate that a few vehicles have experienced engine stalling due to certain malfunctions in the Gateway Control Module. These incidents have raised reliability doubts among potential consumers.

Proposed Fix

In response to these reports, Maruti has opted to replace the Gateway Control Module in affected vehicles. This decision aims to address the root cause of the engine stalling problem and prevent further occurrences.

Availability Of Modified Parts

Affected vehicle owners will receive information about the revised part number for the Gateway Control Module soon. The updated module is expected to mitigate the engine stalling issue, providing a solution to the reported reliability niggles.

Impact On The Brand

This development may pose some reputational risks for Suzuki as it might underscore potential shortcomings in quality control and raise eyebrows regarding the reliability of the newly developed and introduced Z12E 1.2L N/A 3-Cylinder engine.

Final Thoughts

The response of the brand through the Gateway Control Module replacement initiative is a step towards addressing the problem and moving forward, affected owners are advised to closely monitor updates from the brand and utilize available support channels for assistance. The company’s ability to resolve these issues and restore customer trust will be crucial in mitigating the broader impact on its brand image.

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