Mahindra Recalls Scorpio-N Models Over Alternator Pulley Replacement And Other Issues
Mahindra Recalls Scorpio-N Models Over Alternator Pulley Replacement And Other Issues

Mahindra Recalls Scorpio-N Models Over Alternator Pulley Replacement And Other Issues


The Scorpio was Mahindra’s highest-selling car in the past month. The sales and waiting periods keep rising as time passes. The latest generation of the Scorpio-N has become an instant favourite amongst SUV lovers. Mahindra has given great equipment and powertrain options to potential customers, increasing its appeal amongst car buyers.

However, one of the major issues that Mahindra faces is its reliability. Albeit, This isn’t the first recall that has been issued for the Scorpio.

Why Is The Recall Scheduled?

Mahindra has recalled Scorpio-N for multiple purposes. The biggest of the changes was the alternator pulley. Mahindra deems that a change in the alternator pulley design is required. This redesign will ensure that the stress on the engine belt is reduced. This reduction in belt stress will improve the lifespan of the engine belt since the wear on the belt has been minimised. Other issues include re-torquing the nuts on the input shaft of the steering column. Mahindra received a fair few complaints involving excess vibration and noise and thus decided to take such action. Another mechanical change is an extra clip for the transmission wiring. This issue is limited to the Automatic variants of the Scorpio-N.

Some of the modifications to the software include the SRS ECU and the EMS ECU. Mahindra will make software tweaks to the airbag unit and the engine management system unit. Such minor upgrades allow the car to comply with the latest BS6 norms.

How To Get Notified For This Recall?

The recall will be completely free of cost for Scorpio-N owners. It is unlikely that owners will be notified on Mahindra’s website ( and thus it’s highly recommended that you check with your nearest service centre, if you own a Scorpio-N. Back in 2022, Mahindra recalled more than 6500 units of the Scorpio-N for the manual transmission variants. This recall was issued to examine clutch bell housing for units produced between July 2022 and September 2022.

Mahindra intends to eliminate its reliability woes with such recalls. Such minor recalls can be advantageous for the owners since the car is now safer and any major hazards due to faulty components can be avoided. Moreover, these recalls are free of cost. The evident downsides to this recall is the inconvenience the owner faces upon these recalls and the amount of time these recalls may take isn’t specified either. Nevertheless, abiding by such recalls is vital in keeping your car safer and more reliable.

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