Lexus India Announces Recall For LS, RX, and NX Models
Lexus India Announces Recall For LS, RX, and NX Models

Lexus India Announces Recall For LS, RX, and NX Models


Lexus India has announced a voluntary recall for certain LS, RX, and NX models manufactured in 2023. This recall aims to inspect and potentially replace faulty front and rearview cameras.

What’s the Recall For?

The recall has been initiated to check and replace the faulty front-view and rearview cameras on certain affected vehicles. Lexus said that about 113 vehicles have been affected by the recall, the luxury automaker has confirmed that, as of now, there have been no reported cases of fault related to the affected part. The company will contact individual customers via their dealerships to inspect and replace the part if necessary.

Is Your Car On the Recall List?

There are about 113 units of LS, NX, and RX models. Here is a detailed list of batches affected by the recall:

ModelManufacturing Date
Lexus LS 500/500h20 April 2023 – 9 August 2023
Lexus NX17 January 2023 – 24 February 2023
Lexus RX9 May 2023 – 8 August 2023

An official statement from Lexus stated, “As a responsible corporate, Lexus India is committed to prioritizing safety by ensuring the highest standards of vehicular, passenger safety and will continue to constantly innovate and enhance technology in its vehicles, in addition promptly responding to any concerns to resolve issues for our esteemed Lexus guests as quickly, conveniently, and safely as possible”.

The LS is the brand’s flagship sedan, whereas the RX and the NX are a part of its SUV range. All three models are available with hybrid tech in India.

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