Jimny, Ciaz & Invicto Are Worst Selling Maruti Cars In May 2024
Jimny, Ciaz & Invicto Are Worst Selling Maruti Cars In May 2024

Jimny, Ciaz & Invicto Are Worst Selling Maruti Cars In May 2024


Maruti Suzuki, India’s longstanding champion carmaker, witnessed a mixed bag of results in May 2024 sales. While the company continues to dominate the overall market, three of its models – the Jimny, Ciaz, and Invicto – found themselves at the bottom of the sales chart.

Industry experts point towards a couple of factors contributing to these sluggish numbers. The Jimny, a boxy off-roader with a cult following, seems to be facing heat from its competitor, the Mahindra Thar. The Ciaz, a sedan offering, might be struggling to keep pace with the ever-growing SUV craze in the Indian market. The Invicto, a premium MPV, seems to be finding fewer takers, possibly due to its niche positioning.

May 2024 Maruti Suzuki Sales in Perspective:

  • Maruti Suzuki maintained its dominance by selling over 1,44,002 units in May 2024.
  • However, the Jimny managed to sell only 274 units, the Ciaz found 730 buyers, and the Invicto saw a meager 193 units sold.
  • In contrast, popular Maruti models like the WagonR, Swift, and Dzire continued to be strong performers, clocking in impressive sales figures.

Sales Figure 2023-24 Comparison

MakeModelYear-on-Year ComparisonMonth-on-Month Comparison
May ’24 May ’23 May ’24 Apr ’24
Maruti SuzukiJimny2740274257
Sales Table

Analysts suggest that Maruti Suzuki might need to re-evaluate its strategy for these underperforming models. The Jimny, with its niche appeal, might benefit from targeted marketing campaigns highlighting its off-road prowess. The Ciaz could be refreshed with a more contemporary design or a possible hybrid variant to attract eco-conscious buyers. The Invicto’s positioning might need a closer look to ensure it caters to a specific buyer segment effectively.

So, What’s Going Wrong?

  • Shifting Market Preferences: The Indian car market is witnessing a growing preference for SUVs, which offer a combination of practicality, space, and a commanding driving position Sedans like the Ciaz and MPVs like the Invicto might be losing out to this trend.
  • Price Point: While the Ciaz positions itself as a premium sedan, its features and aging engine might not justify the price tag for some buyers. Similarly, the Invicto’s price might be a deterrent compared to established luxury MPVs.
  • Competition: The Indian car market is fiercely competitive, with several manufacturers offering feature-rich and well-rounded vehicles across segments. The Ciaz, Invicto, and Jimny might be struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Looking Ahead:

Maruti Suzuki, known for its ability to adapt to market trends, is likely to take corrective measures to address the sluggish sales of the Jimny, Ciaz, and Invicto. How the company tackles these challenges will be something to watch in the coming months.

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