Ferrari Goes Electric And It Will Cost You More Than 10 Crores Rupees
Ferrari Goes Electric And It Will Cost You More Than 10 Crores Rupees

Ferrari Goes Electric And It Will Cost You More Than 10 Crores Rupees


The current Ferrari lineup consists of the 296, 12 Cilindri, Roma, SF90 and the Purosangue. The Icona models are the most exclusive Ferraris of them all. The cheapest of them all is the Roma which is the replacement for the Portofino.


Whilst, the 12 Cilindri is the latest car to be launched from the Maranello-based manufacturer. The cost of Ferrari in India is heavily inflated due to substantial taxes. The Roma will cost you upwards of 4 crore rupees in India, whilst these costs rise upwards of 200,000 pounds in the UK, roughly equivalent to 2.2 crore rupees. In the first quarter of 2024, the revenue has risen by a modest 10.9% compared to the 1st quarter of 2023.

Ferrari Goes Electric

The SF90 and the 296 are the only hybrids in their range, but they plan to diversify their powertrains. Ferrari has taken the electric route like Porsche and plans to release the first-ever electric Ferrari soon. Ferrari CEO, Benedetto Vigna, addressed the shareholders in the quarterly Ferrari meeting regarding the future of the company. The EV will be produced in limited numbers and they anticipate for it to account for only 10% of their sales. This means the exclusivity of a Ferrari will be consistent across the electric variants.

As per Reuter reports, the EV will cost upwards of half a million euros, which is nearly 4.5 Crore rupees. This price tag will escalate to more than 10 crore rupees, thanks to the Indian taxation policies. This would place it above the SF90 in their lineup. Despite the minimal growth in EV demand, Ferrari believes this is the right move ahead.

To aid their production, a new factory is being prepared. The factory will be state-of-the-art and will boost its production from 14,000 units to 20,000 units annually.

Ferrari’s Future

Not one, but two EVs are set to leave the production lines of Maranello. The development of this EV is at its initial stages. This is a bold move for the Italian manufacturer which plan to launch it in 2025. On the other hand, their rivals, Lamborghini have taken a more patient approach to the electric powertrain and will release their EV by 2028.

Ferrari predicts that 60% of their models will be either hybrid or pure electric by 2026. Ferrari doesn’t plan to cease the production of Internal combustion cars any time soon, which is great news. The release of the naturally-aspirated 12 cilindri is great news for all petrolheads across the globe. As of now, there is little to none idea of how this EV will look or perform, but the future of Ferrari does seem electric.

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