Every Porsche Taycan Sold Till Date – Recalled!
Every Porsche Taycan Sold Till Date – Recalled!

Every Porsche Taycan Sold Till Date – Recalled!


Porsche has announced a global recall for all Taycan electric vehicle models manufactured since its launch in 2020 due to a potential issue with the front brake hoses. The automaker assures that less than one percent of all Taycans sold are affected.

Taycan Recall – The Problem:

The recall stems from a potential issue with the front brake hoses in certain Taycan models. These hoses may develop cracks over time, leading to brake fluid leaks. Leaking brake fluid can reduce brake pressure and compromise the effectiveness of the braking system.

Identifying Affected Vehicles:

Vehicles experiencing this issue will display a warning light on the dashboard. If you see a warning light, Porsche recommends driving your Taycan directly to a dealership for inspection. In the case of a red warning light, Porsche advises contacting them immediately and refraining from driving the vehicle altogether.

What Porsche Is Doing:

Porsche will be contacting all Taycan owners to schedule a free repair at their dealerships. The repair will involve replacing the faulty brake hoses. This fix will not affect the vehicle’s warranty.

Taycan – History Of Recalls:

This is not the first recall for the Taycan. In December 2023, Porsche recalled approximately 41,000 Taycans due to a faulty charging cable. Additionally, a few hundred units were recalled in March 2024 for a potential short circuit issue with the battery modules.

Taycan’s Success With A Shadow:

Despite its commercial success, the Porsche Taycan’s journey has been riddled with recalls since its launch in 2020. Yet, nearly 150,000 units have been sold globally, cementing its status as a popular electric sports car. However, the Taycan’s performance specifications, including a 93.4 kWh battery pack that generates up to 952 horsepower and 1110 Nm of torque in the Turbo S variant with Launch Control, raise questions about its sustainability and long-term reliability. Porsche’s recent introduction of the even more powerful Taycan Turbo GT, boasting 1034 PS and a staggering 1240 Nm of torque, seems more like a show of excess rather than a genuine advancement. This 1000+ horsepower electric sports car, which rockets from 0-100 km/h in a mere 2.1 seconds, is billed as the fastest street-legal vehicle Porsche has ever produced. But one must ask: at what cost to the environment and consumer safety?

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