Can The Lexus LM Justify Its Premium Price Tag In the Indian Market?
Can The Lexus LM Justify Its Premium Price Tag In the Indian Market?

Can The Lexus LM Justify Its Premium Price Tag In the Indian Market?


In the fiercely competitive luxury car market of India, Lexus has introduced its flagship model, the Lexus LM. However, the debut of this luxury minivan has been met with mixed reactions from potential buyers and industry experts alike, raising questions about its value proposition in a market where premium vehicles are judged not only by their luxury but also by their practicality and price-performance ratio.

Overpriced and Underspecified

At a starting price that can reach upwards of INR 1.2 crore rupees, the Lexus LM is positioned at a level where buyers expect nothing short of perfection. However, many argue that the LM fails to deliver the expected bang for the buck. While the minivan boasts a lavish interior with features such as reclining rear seats, a 26-inch display screen, and a refrigerator, these amenities may not be enough to justify its steep price tag. Comparatively, other luxury vehicles in this price bracket offer more advanced technology and superior performance.

Performance Lags Behind Expectations

Performance-wise, the Lexus LM is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, which, while adequate, does not stand out in a segment where cutting-edge engineering and high-powered engines are the norm. Competitors like the Toyota Vellfire, which shares the same platform as the LM, offer similar or better performance at a lower price point. The LM’s handling and driving dynamics are also viewed as average, with many reviewers noting that it feels more like a luxury bus than a premium car.

Questionable Market Fit

Lexus’s decision to launch a luxury minivan in a market that favors SUVs and sedans raises eyebrows. The Indian luxury car market is predominantly SUV-driven, with models like the BMW X7, Mercedes-Benz GLS, and Audi Q7 enjoying strong sales. The Lexus LM, despite its luxurious appointments, struggles to find a clear niche. Its design, reminiscent of a high-end office on wheels, may appeal to a very narrow segment of buyers, such as top executives or individuals who prefer being chauffeured. However, this market is relatively small and already well-served by other luxury brands.

Limited Appeal

The Lexus LM’s exterior design also polarizes opinions. Its bold and somewhat unconventional styling, characterized by a large spindle grille and sharp lines, does not resonate with everyone. While some appreciate its distinctive look, others find it ostentatious and lacking the elegance associated with traditional luxury brands. In a market where brand image and perception play a significant role, this divisive design could be a hindrance rather than a selling point.


In conclusion, the Lexus LM faces significant challenges in justifying its premium price in the Indian market. While it offers a unique blend of luxury and comfort, its high cost, average performance, and questionable market fit make it a tough sell. As Lexus navigates the complex Indian luxury car landscape, it remains to be seen whether the LM will carve out a niche for itself or struggle to gain traction against more established competitors. Buyers in this segment are spoilt for choice, and the LM will need to offer more than just plush interiors to stand out.

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