BMW Group India Achieves All-Time High H1 Sales
BMW Group India Achieves All-Time High H1 Sales

BMW Group India Achieves All-Time High H1 Sales


The half-yearly sales records for each car manufacturer are out. One of the notable performers in the market is the BMW Group. Mini falls under the BMW Group India and the sales are mentioned accordingly.

Highest-Ever H1 Sales For BMW

BMW India delivered 6,734 of its high-end luxury cars in H1 of 2024. This is a 23% improvement from its 2023 figures from January to June. Moreover, Mini registered the sale of 364 units. Overall, this is a 21% improvement over the half-yearly numbers from 2023. These figures may not be as high as those of the Asian car manufacturers, yet for a brand whose cheapest car sells for more than 50L, these are decent numbers. These are the best sales figures BMW has achieved in India in the January-June time frame.

As per Vikram Pawah, the president of BMW Group India “In 2024, BMW Group India is making great strides in implementing its strategy by achieving new heights in business performance and customer delight. We have accomplished the highest-ever half-yearly car sales and continuously maintained leadership in the luxury electric car segment.”

Which Was The Highest-Selling BMW

Despite the criticism regarding its aesthetics, there has been a surge in sales. Unsurprisingly, SUVs accounted for more than half the sales. The cheapest Beemer in the lineup, the X1, was responsible for 19% of sales, while the most in-demand sedan, the 3-series, accounted for 17% of total sales.

The i7 being the most sought-after EV that BMW sells is the surprising aspect of the sales report. It sold almost 400 EVs in H1 of 2024. The higher-end luxury vehicles like the X7, iX, XM and 7-series saw a healthy rise of 17% in their sales and factored for 18% of total sales.

Globally, BMW recorded impressive sales figures as well. Surprisingly, It seems like people seem to forgive the rather unpleasant exteriors .

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