BMW Goes Hybrid With The New M5
BMW Goes Hybrid With The New M5

BMW Goes Hybrid With The New M5


BMW boasts some exquisite generations of the M5. It is one of the pioneers of the high-performance sports sedan segments. All the past generations of the M5 have been fitted with either a v8 or a v10. The current generation continues the trend but with a slight twist.

First-Ever Hybrid M5

A hybrid powertrain seems to be the way ahead for BMW. The advantages of using such a powertrain are the high fuel economy figures and the low emissions. Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages to the hybrid systems. The increase in weight compared to conventional petrol engines affects the performance and the maintenance becomes more complex.

The F90 M5 had some great performance figures and the latest generation produces more power than the F90. A twin-turbo v8 mated to a 194 hp motor produces 717 horsepower and a staggering 1000 Nm of torque. While these figures may seem great on paper, the latest M5 is more than half a second slower to 0-100 kmph than the outgoing M5. The reason for the decline in acceleration is the excess weight. The latest m5 weighs an astonishing 500 kg more than the F90. The inclusion of the hybrid system led to this drastic increase in weight.

Aesthetically speaking, the M5 is an improvement over the regular 5-series models due to the more aggressive stance, thanks to the flared wheel arches, giant rear diffuser, lower ride height and huge air intakes . However, the design language is still polarizing. The awkward front headlights, and the overall design language of the M5 is something you would expect from a lower-end Japanese saloon, however, the interiors seem to be posh and filled with the necessities you would expect at the 110,000 pound, or 1.16 Cr rupees, price point.

When Can We Expect To See The M5 On Indian Roads?

BMW recently released the long-wheelbase version of the latest 5-series in India. BMW India hasn’t spoken over the possibility of launching the M5 in India yet. However, one can expect BMW to release the M5 in the Indian market in 2025. The pricing will be quite high, thanks to high Indian taxation, and the sales figures are expected to be low like those of the older generation.

BMW’s decision to launch the M5 as a hybrid has created quite a stir. It would take some time for people to get used to the driving feel of the M5, since as far as the performance figures are concerned, it shows great promise. It may take time for people to get accustomed to the rather polarizing exterior. Time will be the true test for the M5. Unfortunately, the chances of it ageing as beautifully as the previous M5 are very slim.

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