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Step into the world of CarAdvice, where our founder, Faisal Khan, is the master conductor of the automotive symphony. Faisal’s love for cars goes beyond mere fascination; it’s a lifelong romance that began when he was just a toddler, and it’s only grown stronger with time. He’s a true car enthusiast at heart, with a passion that is as fiery as a 5.1 L, 1280hp, twin-turbocharged V8.


Faisal is a respected expert in the automotive industry, a leading Automotive Influencer in India, and a well-known figure in the automotive community, With a portfolio that spans 15 years of experience.
He stands atop the pyramid of the automotive world, recognized as a distinguished connoisseur of cars and a trusted advisor to buyers seeking the very best.  His words carry a weight that can only come from a true expert, and his advice concerning automobile purchase takes people a long way.

Through CarAdvice, Faisal aims to help car buyers make the right decision, empathetically guiding them towards the car of their dreams. Our consultancy service provides an uninterrupted, one-on-one, and unbiased advice from Faisal, simplifying your buying decision.
Faisal’s influence extends far beyond CarAdvice.

He’s the founder of MotorBeam, a leading automotive website in India, and his Instagram page Fasbeam has more than 6 lakh followers, where he shares his love for cars and takes his followers on a magical journey. The YouTube channel under his name, has more than 1.7 million subscribers, a testament to his skill and expertise.

All in all, you can consider CarAdvice to be a magical heaven for car information where our founder, Faisal Khan, is the wizard of wheels, casting his spell of automotive expertise, and leading you towards the car of your dreams.




Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



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